Updated March 13, 2023

Check the page in the site menu about streaming videos.

The 2022 videos are coming soon now that I’ve made significant progress with reuploading.

I’m now adding streaming for all the videos going forward. The streaming vids for each video will be near the top of each post page. Keep checking to see if I’ve added the streaming video for any video that I’ve already posted that did not have a stream option when it was posted. This now means that my sites will have no compatibility issues. Phone, tablet, laptop or pc users should not have problems playing or downloading. If you want to download, you now have two options. You can download from the stream using a download plugin such as video downloader professional. Make sure to add the plugin to the toolbar if you don’t see it after installing it. If you see the message “waiting for the video server is answering” you can still download the video anyway. The second option is the standard way of downloading. Left click on the download link near the bottom of the posts. When the video window appears, right click and save video as. Right now, I’m having a problem getting the vids to stream directly from the download links, so the vids should not stream after clicking on the download links, but you should still see the window after left clicking.

Go to Page 47 for latest updates.

I have now sent out all the emails to people who should have access to either Uptownplayground or Fullbodycaptures as of March 2. Check the email you used when you signed up for the login info. It doesn’t matter if you had free access because of what happened in December or if you paid in February, everyone should have received an email with login info. I had to create all the accounts manually. Now I have to start reuploading content again which won’t take long. Make sure you go to the latest page for updates on each site. On this site, it’s page 47. I just need a little time to get back where I was before just a few days ago in terms of having content up.

 The 2022 Dominican Trailer is almost done. I’m finally about to get into the 2022 videos. With the site recovery process, I’m still looking for vids on my hard drives, but right now, I’m looking for roughly Editions 11 through 295 on Fullbodycaptures. If you have any of those videos just contact me at uptowncandids@gmail.com and I’ll give you the login to the account that I want the vids uploaded to. On Uptownplayground, I already have the vast majority of the vids that were on my old server, I just haven’t reuploaded everything. So, the focus in my sites recovery process is now on Fullbody Editions 11 through 295.

Go to page 47 after signing up or if you have free access. I’m updating on that page now. If you did not join any of my sites in December, you have to signup to whichever site you want access to.

updated March 2, 2023

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  1. Olá amigo,sinto muito pelo que ocorreu com você. Acabei de fazer uma assinatura,pelo que li no site você vai atualizar os vídeos em breve certo?Tem previsão pra lançar a edição #423?Obrigado.

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