Streaming Video Availability: Check this page to see videos that have streaming available

I’ve decided to go with another player besides flowplayer. Any flowplayer streams that are available as of march 13 will be replaced soon with streams using a different player. Any video in the following list has streaming available with the proper player. Mov streams are going to be used for the videos long term, as the mov versions stream better than my mp4s, but right now I’m streaming whatever versions I have available. The mp4s take longer to buffer, so be patient with the load times. Any mov stream should have better buffer time. If you’re using a phone and playing an mp4 stream, it may not have sound right now. That has to do with the specific way the mp4s were produced and I’m not going to go back and reproduce those mp4s in such a way that the streams have sound right now. The mov streams will have sound and those will be up for all the videos soon.

1. Members Area Page 42. All the videos should stream.